Metal Constructions for Your Steel Buildings

Beva Metal makes all your metal constructions in steel, (inox) stainless steel and aluminium.  If you are looking for metal constructions for your industrial buildings, there is no better place to turn.  Shelving, landings, metal platforms and awnings are not a problem.  And the steel frames for homes, metal staircases and steel constructions for buildings?  Another area we have experience and expertise.  If there’s something else you might need, don’t hesitate to ask.  We will make any design you have and meet any specifications you require.

Steel Construction:  Custom-made Construction

Is your steel construction an unusual size?  Perhaps it’s highly specific?  Then it’s time to talk to Beva Metal.  We cut and grind the largest metal plates and beams.  We weld all pieces to each other to create a secure, stable unit you can trust.  We then perform all the necessary machining.  Finally, we paint the construction in the type of paint you want, with the quality of paint you specify and even in the colour you choose.  This is because at Beva Metal, a custom-made construction is a fully custom-made construction.  You can expect us to deliver exactly what you ask for.

Steel Construction:  Assembly and Dismantling

Beva Metal don’t just make your steel structures.  We also assemble them on location.  Our various assembly crews install your metal staircases, landings and platforms, balustrades and awnings.  And if you want large and heavy steel constructions delivered to your factory, or modern coverings for the roof or facade of your building?  You don’t need to go hunting around for cranes or cherry-pickers.  We bring everything with us to ensure the job is done to the highest standards.  Would you like to have your steel construction dismantled?  It’s another service we are proud to offer you.

Are you looking for a strong, high-quality steel construction for your industrial company, factory or home?  Ask us about the possibilities.