Roof and Building Façade

Recognised Contractor for Your Roof Panels and Building Façades

Beva Metal is your recognised contractor for Kalzip® roof panels and Alucobond® building façades.  What’s the biggest advantage of Kalzip®?  You won’t see any seams or joints.  The aluminium system is light, but at the same time, it is also extremely strong and highly durable.  Better yet, Kalzip®, is rust-proof and easy to maintain.  If you would like your roof or building façade panels prepared, we do it in our own workshop.  It saves time when you are ready for assembly and installation, which we do quickly and efficiently, rain, hail or shine.

A Permanent, Insulated Building Façade

Are you looking for a permanent facade in metal?  Whether it’s for a building, factory or silo, there is no better choice than Alucobond® sandwich panels.  The system assembles quickly and covers even the highest, broadest building façades.  These permanent and horizontal façades are unbelievably flexible; you can make the most interesting and spectacular shapes with them to give your building a modern appearance.  They are the perfect surface.  Your building facade will not break and will withstand even the heaviest storms.

Insulated Roof System: Light, Strong and Durable

With Kalzip® roofing systems, you will have a light, but incredibly strong roof.  Kalzip® is ideal for roofs of buildings with little capacity to carry extra weight.  And if you need to span large areas?  There’s no better system.  It also insulates your building perfectly and is resistant to rust and fire.  It will last for more than a lifetime.  Different shapes, colours and combinations with other materials are just the tip of the iceberg; the possibilities are unlimited.  

Would you like more information about the seamless roof and building facade coverings from Kalzip® en Alucobond®?  Don’t hesitate to contact us!