Industrial Building

Your Partner in Industrial Building

Are you planning the construction of a new product hall, storage space or garage?  For any industrial building, up to 5000 m², you can rely on Beva Metal to take care of everything from A to Z.  We don’t just make and install steel structures and metal frames, but also take care of foundations, roofs, windows and doors.  And if you want your premises built to lock-up stage?  We still work with the same experience, expertise and attention to detail.

Are you a builder yourself?  We will happily take care of all your steel works.  From a simple staircase to the most elaborate metal constructions.  Beva Metal does it all.

Specialist in Renovations

Would you like to renovate an existing industrial complex?  Perhaps give your building a fresh, new appearance?  Create more room for your production process?  It’s not going to happen on its own.  You need a specialist in the renovation of industrial buildings to help you out.  Beva Metal performs all the large and small alterations and custom-made work you might need done.  We perform every step in the process ourselves.  So you can be sure of fast delivery and installation.

Do you want to put the construction or renovation of your industrial building in good hands?  Beva Metal is just a call away!