Hydraulics Industry

Steel Construction for Hydraulic Works

Are you looking for a steel construction for your hydraulic installations?  Beva Metal is your specialist for smaller pieces, such as ladders, balustrades and grills, for harbours wharves and sluices.  Would you like wharves or sluice walls with metal finishes?  At Beva Metal, you can find everything you need and if not, we will gladly make it to order.  You can also rely on Beva Metal for larger projects.  We produce and install bollards and mooring posts, as well as braking fixtures in harbours, on bridges and sluices.  We even do all the welding ourselves.  The welders at Beva Metal are specially trained, so you have nothing to worry about.

Production, Restoration and Maintenance of Sluice Gates

Are you looking for a new sluice gate made entirely of metal?  Perhaps you’re renewing and replacing smaller components like hinges.  Then it’s time to contact Beva Metal.  We manufacture, maintain and replace smaller sluice gates with measurements of up to six by ten metres.  And how long does it take?  We always keep the turnaround time as short as possible – and with all the necessary services under one roof, you can expect this to be surprisingly fast.  As for your old sluice gates?  We pick them up and take them away when we install their replacements.  

Are you looking for a specialist in sluice gates and steel constructions designed specifically for the hydraulics industry?  It’s time to call Beva Metal.