Dredging Industry

Long-wearing Parts and Components for the Dredging Industry

Are you involved in dredging?  The metal constructions for your dredge need to withstand the most challenging and uncompromising conditions.  Dredging also demands the best quality piping and pipes.  At Beva Metal, we work with nothing but the best, most hard-wearing, long-lasting materials.  Our specialty is double-walled lined pipes - with an outer-pipe made of steel, and an inner-pipe made of cast steel – designed to meet the highest demands in the most difficult conditions.

Your Metal Construction Made from Hard-wearing Steels

Not only the piping from Beva Metal is protected against wear and tear.  Our dredging heads and various parts and components for the building of your dredging boat are just as durable.  We use strong steels such as Creusabro, Hardox, Dillidur and Penhard.  From this, we make everything your dredger needs, from pipes and angles to arms and exhausts.  Do you need specialised parts?  We work with you to develop the right construction.  We supply the parts for your ship quickly – at Beva Metal, we perform every step in the metal-working process ourselves.  This speeds up the production process and dramatically reduces waiting time, to get you up and running before you know it.

Do you need a strong, hard-wearing metal construction for your dredge?  Contact us now!