What We Do

Your Project is in Good Hands

Are you looking for a reliable company to supply your metal constructions and the steel structures for your industrial buildings?  One that will take all the work off your hands?  You just need to make a call to Beva Metal.  Our Industrial Design and Drafting service will take over your assignment from the word ‘go’.  Apart from providing you with expert advice, we also weld all your steel constructions and take care of the machining.  This reduces the turnaround time considerably.  And it means you only need one partner.  Whether it’s for industrial buildings, for work on your roof or building façade, or for constructions in the dredging and hydraulics industries, Beva Metal is the total project management service you need.

Your Specialist for Industrial Buildings

Is it time to renovate your industrial buildings or business premises?  Or are you preparing to start construction at a new location?  At Beva Metal, we take care of your industrial sites from A to Z, including the sewers, floors, gates and doors.  We go to the extreme for all your total concept projects, large and small renovations, as well as those specialised adjustments and out-of-the-ordinary extensions.  Beva Metal is your specialist.

For Your Industrial Residences:  Beva Metal

When you’re looking for a reliable metal-working company for your industrial residence, you don’t want to make the wrong choice.  You want someone with experience in steel structures and industrial buildings.  Someone who realises the full potential of metal, in modern architecture, large open spaces and maintenance-friendly constructions.  Beva Metal builds your industrial buildings from top to toe: from complete metal frames to the roof and façade, in aluminium or steel, with speed, efficiency and unbeatable quality.

With experience in total concept projects and industrial building, Beva Metal is your partner.  We are just a phone call away.