Metal Constructions for the Dredging and Hydraulics Industries

Do you need a metal construction for use in the dredging or hydraulics industries?  Pipes and angles, drag heads and cleaning heads: we produce and supply all parts and components for dredging boats.  For harbours and sluices, we make steel structures such as ladders, platforms and railings, as well as smaller sluice gates.  But when it comes to large and heavy pieces, Beva Metal is still your ideal partner.  We design, make and weld bollards and in-water braking fixtures.

Your Partner for All Your Metal Constructions

Planning a metal construction, in steel, stainless steel or aluminium?  Beva Metal is the perfect partner to turn your plans into reality.  We make and install steel structures for industrial buildings, company buildings and residences.  Are you looking for metal staircases, ladders or platforms?  Landings, awnings or balustrades?  We guarantee the highest quality and the fastest delivery.  Would you like to decorate your roof or your building façade with aluminium panels?  We are a recognised contractor for Kalzip® and Alucobond®.

Production of All Metal Constructions and Company Installations

Would you like extra large, complex or out-of-the-ordinary metal constructions?  Are you looking for the highest possible quality standards for your company installations?  Or perhaps someone to process thick sheet metal?  Then you want Beva Metal.  We process and weld metal plates up to 250mm thick.  Assembly and installation always take place in the safest conditions possible.  It’s how we received our VCA* certification.  So turn to us for worry-free installations.  Whether they are in your warehouse or in a petrochemical or nuclear-production facility, you can rely on us!

Company Installations: From Renovations to New Constructions

Beva Metal designs, fabricates and assembles complete industrial buildings.  Are you building a factory?  We have the expertise to ensure any company installation is designed, created, installed and finished at the highest standard.  You put the project in our hands, and we follow through with it, from the drawing board to the finish you request.  Up to lock-up stage or not?  You can choose.  And if you are contemplating the renovation of your industrial buildings, we dismantle any metal construction and replace it with the highest quality products from Beva Metal.

Would you like to know more about our metal constructions and company installations? Don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to answer all your questions.

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